3 Best Smoothie Makers & Blenders For You!

3 smoothies

It’s not just some trendy juices; they’ve become a delicious symbol of an active, healthy life. Smoothies are pleasant and tasty-way to consume fruits and vegetables which are beneficial for your health. And is any better way to prepare them than in the warmth of your home and share them with your loved ones on a sunny day? Today we present you the best options to make smoothies with all the taste of your creativity and all the practicality of technology. These products, of course, have approved our excellent quality criteria.

1. Nutri Ninja PRO Blender (BL456)
It’s among the most popular on the internet and, in fact, it’s a best seller on Amazon, which gives you an idea about its benefits. It’s a personal blender very easy to use, with 900 watts of power (get crushed the ice quickly and homogeneously, yet the nuts) and two cups (24oz/18z) and lids that makes it portable on-the-go, for drinking a good smoothie in the office or the gym. Includes a recipe book, and its price is really affordable if you compare it with others products available in the market!

Nutri Ninja PRO Blender

2. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System
It’s a personal sized blender that allows you to consume vegetables and fruits in their most absorbable state. It comes in a 12-piece set with a resistant plastic build, stainless steel blades and 600 watts of power that make it works properly (even when there are others models going up to 1700 watts). Includes one 24oz and two 18oz easily handling BPA-free cups, one small recipe book, and one nutritionist guide, everything with a minimalist and attractive design!

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

3. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle (EP82515)
Epica always brings you quality, innovation, and competitive prices. Yet with a motor of only 300 watts of power, the product has a smart and ergonomic design: suction feet that ensure stability, and strong materials that make it resist cracking and breakage. It’s easy and safe to use and clean, with a blending jar (20oz only) that works perfectly as a take-along bottle. It’s the ideal blender if you like making individual sized smoothies when are getting ready to work!

Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

As you can see, each one has its own advantages, and even when we cannot choose for you, we offer you the best options available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, but above all, your style.

Popular Choices of Robot Vacuums

The broad range of robot cleaners is often disparaging, reviews vary and in lots of cases the robot vacuums showing a cheap price-tag aren’t vacuums at all. Lot of unscrupulous companies advertise their products as being exactly the same as the others, but unless you read the fine print you’ll quickly discover that the cheap ones are sweepers with no suction capabilities.

Now that this technology has been around for a while, prices are starting to drop on leading brands as the machines get smarter and become more comparable with the hand-held versions. Where once, a price tag of around $1,000 was normal, these days, you can pick up a decent model for a few hundred bucks.

The biggest difference I saw between brands was the virtual wall technology patented by iRobot. The only difference this made in some comparisons was that other brands robot vacuum had escaped outside when the door was open. Suggestions for this were to call out to it and failing that placing flyers outside detailing its escape and offering a reward for its capture.

So what are the leading brands? Taken purely from the reviews and range on Amazon.com this is what I came up with.


The most popular model is the 650, rated at 4.5 stars. For around the same price, though, the 690 has Wi-Fi connectivity, better suction, and better sensors and voice control capabilities. Both easily found for under $300.
If you want to spend some money the 980 carries a 4 star rating on over 1000 reviews. It comes with a cleaning map and power boost for deeper cleaning. It has the best suction of the range.


The most popular machine is the A4. Based on over 1600 reviews, this model holds a 4.5 star rating. This brand has scheduling features, automatic docking, and the ability to clean under low furniture, 140 minutes of battery life, a remote control and tangle free brushes. You can pick these up for just under $200.

EcoVacs Deebot

Ecovacs Deebots have a massive range. The most popular Deebot on Amazon is the N79. Its Wi-Fi connected and compatible with smart phones. It can’t be used with smart systems like Alexa and Google but it boasts the most similarities to the Roomba range. It has multiple cleaning modes, good battery life and just under 3000 reviews giving it a 4.5 stars. At just over $200 it seems to be a really good choice for those wanting to try these systems out.

There are plenty of other types on the market of course, but buying any of these gives you the highest chance of being pleased with your purchase.

Cheap Dash Cams Under $50

As a result of the vicissitudes of life, not all vehicle owners are capable of forking out large amounts of money on dashboard cameras. Typically, the society associate budget products with incessant failure and expensive maintenance costs. This, however, could not be further from the truth, particularly regarding dash cams. The industry has a myriad of worthwhile options which any prospective buyer can acquire without necessarily breaking their budget.

Below are some of the pocket-friendly models that caught our eyes.


A quick first glance of this device often has many people mistaking it for a mirror, due to its incredibly small size. Despite this, the camera lens record full HD videos, like its name suggests. In addition to the stunning camera, there is a high resolution display screen that renders the shots captured via the camera.

Out of the box, this model comes with a 16GB SD card, which can be doubled if the user desires. On top of this, the camera supports seamless loop recording as well as motion detection capabilities.

Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam

Looking for an excellent and affordable camera with a discreet design? Well, the Pruveeo F5 is tailored for you. It is uniquely designed to reduce chances of exposure, and thus takes a keen eye to notice. However, you will have to make do with a limited 1.5″ display size, since it was slashed to reduce the size of this device.

The supported 1400 field of view is more than sufficient, while both audio and video recording is effortless. The most impressive feature is the compatibility with Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.

YI Compact Dash Cam

Sporting the compact look of conventional cameras, the YI Compact is certainly one of the most aesthetic dash cams in the market. The specs are as good as its appearance, including full HD recording both day and night. The ingrained wide angle lens spans three lanes, giving the driver a commanding view of the road.

The YI Compact is relatively easy to mount, setup and use. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi receiver, you can easily transfer videos from the camera to your phone using an application.

AuKing Dash Cam

This is a fashionable camera that sports a premium feel. Its most outstanding feature, is automatic video recording which is initiated immediately after ignition. The display screen provides a crisp rendition of the captured images in 1080p resolution.

Additionally, a motion detector, a G-Sensor and a file locking mechanism are inbuilt to enhance the car’s protection.